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add a dash of french flair

A range of products, flavours and recipes specially crafted for professionals.

our story

A history of bold innovation and delicate flavours.

everything we know in a single drop

Our passion for the best quality ingredients has made us experts at concentrating rich flavours. Every recipe we create is uniquely crafted to obtain the beautiful flavour from the finest ingredients.

a bold history of innovation

inspiration recipes

new flavour 


A refreshing green and sensorial flavor, to tap into the taste of summer all year round.

new flavour 


Deliciously juicy, sweet peach flavours. It's smooth and soft, just like perfectly ripe peach flesh. A light citrus finish.

Flavour of the month


A deliciously refreshing syrup, that's full of the tart citrus flavours of berries and pears. Sweet, harmonious yet powerful floral tones.